New Features: Private Documentation

Many users have asked us to add the ability of making their API documentation enclosed in order to have access within their team. Now this opportunity is available. You are welcome to try and share your thought with us :)

So, how to make your project private? If you have not registered yet, you need to do this first. If you already have an account, you will need to log in and go to Settings section. There you can tick – “make project private”.

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New Features: Floating menu & Captcha

We’ve just released new features and improvements. First of all floating menu. Now you’ll see menu while scrolling long pages which is useful.

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New Feature: External Links

We’ve just released new feature and improvements.

Add an external link:

It is super easy. All you need is type an external URL in document and user will be redirected to it.

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New Feature: PDF Export

We’ve just released new feature and improvements.

PDF Export:

Thanks for keep using Turnapi and suggest new ideas.

The Turnapi team.


TurnAPI: Using Markdown Syntax

In this post I  would like to tell you more about Markdown syntax and best practices of using it in TurnAPI editor.

We also recommend everyone to read the official documentation about Markdown syntax here –

Those who have never worked with markdown syntax can find it a bit difficult to start writing documentation, but very soon you will understand why we decided to build TurnAPI around it. Those who had relevant experience appreciated our idea immediately!

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TurnAPI: 2 weeks in Beta

Phew!  There  have been exhausting 2 weeks for all of us. 4,370 Unique Visitors and almost 15,000 pageviews from over 80 countries.

We have received a lot of praises from users on how great TurnAPI is. But I can honestly say that there are a couple of things we are missing and i’m going to write next few posts in this regard. Right now I’m writing this post to Thank all of you for giving us all those suggestions! Kudos to everyone who doesn’t stop testing! You are of a great help in guiding us to our next great release!

The following users were especially detailed in feedback and I would like to give them credits here,

  • Ferenc M.
  • Ashwin B.
  • Victor P.
  • Brad C.
  • Michele G.
  • Tommy
  • Imre M.
  • Vladimir P.
  • Rebekah W.
  • Alexey Z.
  • John C.
  • Pushpander s.

Sync Turnapi with Git/SVN

Hi Everyone,

First of all I would like to thank all our Beta users who have sent us their opinions, comments and suggestions so far. In several emails, I’ve found the question about our mechanism of synchronization with Git / SVN. This is what I’m going to explain in this post.

I’m going to create documentation for my new project using my favorite text editor, my favorite Git repository and publish everything in my new friend – TurnAPI :) .

1. Creating TurnAPI account

First of all you need to create your own TurnAPI account.

Turnapi signup page

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Exciting Announcement: Turnapi now in beta

We’re super excited to announce that Turnapi is in Beta now and we ready to listen feedback. Thanks goes out to everyone who is showering us with words of encouragement and showing interest in our innovative idea. Thank You.

A little explanation of what you can expect from this site and blog…

We will be releasing helpful information for the end users community (ie Tutorials, FAQs etc.) We’ll be posting our whereabouts and what we are up to. And who knows what else.

The idea itself is far from final. We did not try to accomplish everything at once. We still have many ideas and I’m sure more coming. This is just our first prototype that we need to test in the real world. Feel free to contact us, offer features, and help us promote an innovative start up.

If you haven’t already, please follow us on twitter - @turnapi and stay in touch – we would love to hear from you!

With warm regards,
Turnapi Team