TurnAPI: 2 weeks in Beta

Phew!  There  have been exhausting 2 weeks for all of us. 4,370 Unique Visitors and almost 15,000 pageviews from over 80 countries.

We have received a lot of praises from users on how great TurnAPI is. But I can honestly say that there are a couple of things we are missing and i’m going to write next few posts in this regard. Right now I’m writing this post to Thank all of you for giving us all those suggestions! Kudos to everyone who doesn’t stop testing! You are of a great help in guiding us to our next great release!

The following users were especially detailed in feedback and I would like to give them credits here,

  • Ferenc M.
  • Ashwin B.
  • Victor P.
  • Brad C.
  • Michele G.
  • Tommy
  • Imre M.
  • Vladimir P.
  • Rebekah W.
  • Alexey Z.
  • John C.
  • Pushpander s.

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